Boxing FAQs

How do you become a pro boxer?

Anyone can become a professional boxer. You do not have to an amateur boxer before turning pro.

What's the difference between pro boxing and amateur boxing?

There are a few differences. Firstly, professional boxers are paid by sponsors to fight. Secondly, a professional bout can consist of up to 12 rounds where as an amateur bout is only 3 rounds. Thirdly, a standing 8 count is put on an amateur boxer after a hard blow but not in professional boxing unless he or she is knocked down.

How many rounds are in a standard boxing match?

A standard professional boxing bout is typically 4-12 rounds. Australian titles are often fought over 8-10 rounds. World titles are fought for 12 rounds.

What is an exhibition match?

An exhibition match is typically fought over 3-4 rounds and is not recorded by boxing authorities.

How are boxing matches scored?

Boxing matches are scored on a 10 point system.
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