Luke Woods

Luke Woods boxer Photo Credit: Give credit where credit is due. Contact us.
Alias Fast and Cocky
Birth 18/05/1992
Age 30
Debut 14/10/2016
Stance Southpaw
Height 175 cm
Residence Latrobe, TAS
Birthplace Devonport, TAS
Nationality Australian

Alias “Fast and Cocky”, Luke Woods is an up and coming southpaw boxer from Latrobe, Tasmania. This 28-year old welterweight fighter just won his first welterweight title last November 2019 in Liverpool, New South Wales. Luke defeated the unbeaten Koen Mazoudier via majority decision, earning him the IBO Oceania-Orient Supewelterweight Title.

Luke fights in a southpaw stance and started boxing in the welterweight division. He debuted as a pro in October 2016 with a huge TKO win over Rex Regalado, which set the tone nicely for his young career. He went on to win 5 more out of 7 matches including another KO win, this time against Somprasong Chuenchana in April 2018.

Currently, Luke’s next match is yet to be determined and whether or not he will be defending his IBO Oceania-Orient Supewelterweight belt.

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