Super Bantamweight

A weight class with many names, the Super Bantamweight division is also known as Junior Featherweight or Light Featherweight, depending on the organisation. This division contests boxers between 53 to 55kgs. Hall of famer Jeff Fenech won a title in this division and two others. Find Australia's current super bantamweight boxers here.



Top 10 Male Super Bantamweights

Rank Age Division Stats
1 TJ Doheny TJ Doheny 36 Featherweight 22 1 0
2 Brock Jarvis Brock Jarvis 24 Super Bantamweight 17 0 0
3 Sam Goodman Sam Goodman 23 Super Bantamweight 7 0 0
4 Luke Boyd Luke Boyd 34 Super Bantamweight 9 0 0
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