Tim Tszyu
Super Welterweight

Tim Tszyu boxer Photo Credit: Give credit where credit is due. Contact us.
Birth 02/11/1994
Age 28
Debut 17/12/2016
Stance Orthodox
Height 174 cm
Reach 183 cm
Residence Rockdale, NSW
Birthplace Sydney, NSW
Nationality Australian

Following his dad’s (former light-welterweight world champion Kostya Tszyu) legacy, Tim Tszyu became a professional boxer in 2011 and made a name for himself as a fearless competitor. In just three years, he immediately raked in five light-middleweight Championship belts including the WBC-ABCO Continental in 2017, his first title. In 2019, he won WBA Oceania, Australian, IBF Australia, and the WBO Global title.

Born in Sydney NSW, he grew up watching his father rise into fame and started emulating the passion for boxing at an early age. Tim was supposed to start getting matches in 2011 but was immediately side-lined due to a hand injury. He came back in 2016 and started beating opponents in frenzy to become a champion after just seven matches.

Tszyu currently boasts an undefeated 19-0 record with 15 knock-out victories.

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