Willis Meehan

Willis Meehan boxer Photo Credit: Give credit where credit is due. Contact us.
Birth 11/09/1995
Age 26
Debut 22/11/2014
Stance Southpaw
Height 195 cm
Residence Sydney, NSW
Birthplace Auckland, NZ
Nationality Australian

Willis “The Hitman” Meehan is a pro boxer from Auckland, New Zealand and now taking residence in Sydney NSW. His first pro career was playing rugby and played for the Sydney Roosters in the National Rugby League but shifted to boxing in 2015.

As an amateur during his teens, Willis has shown a promising talent in boxing. He won the Australian super-heavyweight title just at the age of 17. Willis also almost made it to the Commonwealth Games.

Willis is currently enjoying massive success with his young pro boxing career. Since his debut in 2014, this southpaw fighter hasn’t lost a single match and has beaten 9 opponents in a row, 7 via way of knockout. In July 2018, Willis won his first title versus Jonasa Kavika and bagged the vacant WBF Australasian heavyweight title.

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